ECN-DMA Conference 2024 - Contribute to the future of digital markets in Europe!

Femme consultant un ordinateur, à droite, cadenas fermé et symboles d'e-mail, market place et internet sur fond de carte européenne

Several European Competition Network (ECN) authorities are co-organizing a conference on the Digital Markets Act (DMA) on 24 June in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

This free one-day conference will give business users of the digital gatekeepers' core platforms the opportunity to share their vision of the future digital landscape in Europe following the entry into force of the Digital Markets Act.

The aim of the ECN-DMA Conference is to highlight the positive effects that the DMA can have for businesses to use their opportunities, to support innovation and make markets more contestable.

Speakers include representatives of Mozilla, Bol, Ian Brown, Spotify, Cristina Caffarra, DuckDuckGo, GetYourGuide, Klarna, Element/Matrix, BEUC, TomTom, Zalando, Fiona Scott Morton and many more. European Commissioner for Competition and Executive Vice President of the European Commission Margrethe Vestager will open the conference.

Breakout sessions on operating systems, search engines, app stores, NIICs, browsers, e-commerce and online booking platforms, generative AI, and ad services.

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