Fit for Future platform: call for applications

The European Commission has launched a call for applications for the selection of experts for the Stakeholder Group of its “Fit for Future” Platform.


The Commission is committed to simplifying EU law and reducing unnecessary costs as part of its regulatory fitness and performance (REFIT) programme. To support its efforts in this, a high-level expert group, the Fit for Future Platform (F4F) was set up.


The platform will examine whether existing laws can achieve their objectives efficiently as the Commission tackles new challenges such as digitalization. The Commission will take into account the Platform’s opinions to ensure EU laws help, not hinder, people and business, in particular small and medium-sized enterprises.


The platform is composed of two groups, the Government Group and the Stakeholder Group. For the Government Group, Member States and the Committee of the Regions nominate their representatives. For the Stakeholder Group, the European Economic and Social Committee will nominate its representatives. This call for application will select the remaining members of the Stakeholder Group.


The deadline for applications is June 19.

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